Pattern, Colour, Texture, Surface íV New Paintings by Lourdes Pardo de Leon and Popo San Pascual

Osage Gallery city is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibition by Lourdes Pardo de Leon and Popo San Pascual.

Critics of abstraction tend to focus on its self-assertive nature. But for Filipino artists Pardo de Leon and Popo San Pascual abstraction is both a space for and object of debate about notions of subjectivity, power, representation and discourse. Both artists were born in Manila (de Leon in 1960 and San Pascual in 1964) and both studied at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Art at Diliman, Quezon City.

de LeoníŽs coolly elegant abstract paintings are constructed on a framework of drawing which is then overlaid with pigment. The drawing subsists in the painting as a trace of memory but is no longer visible to the viewer. So too in life, things are not always as they seem and the face we present to the world is our own carefully configured construct.

Some of her paintings are furrowed like a freshly ploughed field or rippled like the patterns in the sand left by a receding tide. These allusions are deliberate and suggest that just as seeds germinate, so too may the ideas imbedded in his painting grow in the mind of the viewer. Similarly, while the lapping of waves may suggest endless monotony, the mutability of the sea and sand may also bring to mind the unique variety of human existence.

Faces in a crowd populate the work of Popo San Pascual. His teeming compositions and dazzling colour saturate the senses. The spaces between the faces are filled with dots and circles of colour that quiver and fizz. In his largest works we have the feeling that we are viewing a vast crowd from a distance so that the faces are no longer discernable. Instead of features we are left with infinite variety. These are exuberantly uplifting works, filled with joy and promise.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 1 June 2006 and continues until Wednesday 28 June 2006.